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I would be interested to know your comments on this since I have taken over this site which was previously administrated by Druanna .I have given you her links whereby she outlines the financial forensics and creditor knowledge.This is her case to envoke the meaning of sovereign warrior.To buy back your birth right, which she defines financially.

It is a direct hit,right on target,as we are subject toworldly criteria.The inteligencia, when averaged out in the majority, don't give a damn for worldly criteria,although they should do.However the majority of people are enslaved by it.The financial systems are the dictators of life and death, unfortunately.

The knowledge Druanna delivers is knowledge of the masters.It is illuminati.It not only can save you from debtors,but the education can elevate you into that world.You could say to be as bad, or as one of, "them".The financial knowledge is only one of the forensics knowledges they use.

The two major forces that we are controlled by are food(money) and sex.(male female).They control these forces.The inteligencia control us , the illuminati.The IQ can be stepped up to this level, if required, by the understanding of the forensics that they use.

So now that I taken over the Sovereign Warriors name,I would like to say that I broaden the definition of Sovereign Warriors , not only to buy back your shares in your own company, but also your spiritual birthright and soul.By getting clean in spiritual law,(and law).

Use your own definition and understanding in this matter.Work it out for yourself who you are.

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I have had numerous clients over the years who came to me after they completed initial paperwork for secured party creditor status using Druanna....I thought her paperwork was well planned out.  Most people, though, want to know practical application so that they can defend their position in a conflict that is private in nature or public in nature.  A secured party creditor status does not necessarily provide those remedies.

In addition, it is important NOT ONLY to know how to do your paperwork correctly, but also, it is important to fully comprehend the paperwork in order to DEFEND your position in that paperwork....because at all levels, you will be challenged.

That is why part of my training to client is to learn HOW to do their paperwork, and the other part, which is equally important, DEFENDING their paperwork.

I'm glad that SovWar website is back up and running and I look forward to reading other postings on this forum.


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Thank you Robert.
I am by no means an expert but I am learning as everybody else  this subject.I am sure of what you say. and also ,it shouldnt be ignored, the power of a dirty tricks department,interferring with those who may win their case.This is another ingredient that isn't mentioned.
Play the game but dont win, is an unwritten conclusion.
The paperwork may often be ok,but not always,it cannot rely on fair play.As I have said in another post, the way of buying back your birth bond is not only financial.It is also includes a clean criminal slate. Also as you say,in terms of conscience and spirituality.


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