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lola commented on Jaro's blog post About Karl Lentz
"Jay, i appreciates your commentary. But from my experience, the state, court, cps, police and sheriff work together AGAINST i a woman! The sheriffs are corporate now, they WILL NOT work for the man/woman! We tried and ask for their help to get my…"
4 hours ago
john joseph commented on Jaro's blog post About Karl Lentz
"Jaro...Why is it that I get confused by some of you responses?  I ain't the sharpest tack in the pack, but iain't the dullest one either! Now, yu show and prove to me one man or woman who has all the answers or solutions to the…"
5 hours ago
john joseph commented on Jaro's blog post About Karl Lentz
"Jay... thanks for taking the time to give a great in depth explanation with simple definitions that don't go off into cyberspace & the BS that follows it.  Ya made it simple brother...THANK YOU for the KISS principle and not gov…"
6 hours ago
Jaro commented on Jaro's blog post About Karl Lentz
"Jay, it's no use arguing with you, you're stuck in the never never land. Even Karl admits that it's the State's responsibility to protect people's rights. And how exactly would you have it do that if you don't recognize…"
6 hours ago
levi commented on Jaro's blog post About Karl Lentz
"Just saying..."
6 hours ago
levi commented on Jaro's blog post About Karl Lentz
"Jay is right.Trespass upon ones rights is trespassing upon ones property. A ticket given pursuant VC is a civil complaint for damages see: CAVC statute 40,600a. Otherwise it would be in the PC. Jay is right Only man can make a claim. Claims…"
6 hours ago
Jay commented on Jaro's blog post About Karl Lentz
"Jaro, i have to disagree with you about your interpretation of claim and complaint. Karl deals only in common law. Common law is unwritten. There is no relation to definitions derived from legal proceedings or legal works. Common law is not legal,…"
6 hours ago
Maximus commented on Jaro's blog post About Karl Lentz
"Rejected   Subject:  Candice marie law suite In the usa and un  Scan111109092042 .pdf DownloadView "
7 hours ago
David DePriest commented on Jaro's blog post About Karl Lentz
"People should be careful about asking for common law and trial by jury as most of your peers do not understand what is going on."
7 hours ago
lola commented on Jaro's blog post About Karl Lentz
"hi jaro, thank you for explaining common law vs. statutory law. i was working with 2 great guys from the karl lentz group, but when i wanted to file a UCC1 they felt i couldnt do both--they were working on putting a claim for me, but i was a bit…"
8 hours ago
Jaro commented on Jaro's blog post About Karl Lentz
"John, you can make a claim as a paramount security interest holder, if you have something to back that up, such as lawful money, or try Karl's claim. I've attached a file of Karl's emails to the blog above. I've always thought…"
9 hours ago
john joseph commented on Jaro's blog post About Karl Lentz
"Jaro, what is the magic remedy to remove the state from having ownership as IE: over the state's car which yu are in possession of & are responsible for all charges which may accrue? How do I get possession of the "alleged property of…"
10 hours ago


"A nation (or group of people) who do not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence and thus are steaks on the table by choice and consent." --William Cooper
"Who are you?" asked the policeman. "You the STRAWMAN, our biatch, aren't you?..." "I'm not your biatch", I replied, "I'm a sovereign citizen", handing him a certified copy of my UCC-1...






“Do not believe on the strength of traditions even if they have been held in honour for many generations and in many places; do not believe anything because many people speak of it; do not believe on the strength of sages of old times; do not believe that which you have yourselves imagined, thinking that a god has inspired you. Believe nothing which depends only on the authority of your masters or of priests. After investigation, believe that which you have yourselves tested and found reasonable, and which is for your good and that of others.” ____Buddha

"The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten; the lie became truth." - George Orwell ‘1984’


"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
— Dr. Seuss  

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A quote from Mary Croft's e-book "HOW I CLOBBERED EVERY BUREAUCRATIC CASH-CONFISCATORY AGENCY KNOWN TO MAN": "Lo and behold, she said, “You just send the letters.” I leapt from my chair – my prayer had indeed been answered – ask and ye shall receive. She then produced a series of letters, the drift of which was to request the bank to provide me with three things: 1. validation of the debt (the actual accounting); 2. verification of their claim against me (a sworn affidavit or even just a signed invoice); and, 3. a copy of the contract binding both parties. I was to write that I would be happy to pay any financial obligation I might lawfully owe as soon as I received these three documents. The banks can’t validate the debt because they never sustained a loss; they can’t verify any claim against me because I am not the NAME they are billing – more on this later. They can’t produce a copy of the contract because one doesn’t exist. What exists is an unenforceable unilateral contract. What the banks refer to as ‘your contract with us’ is not a valid bilateral agreement since the four requirements of a lawful, binding contract were not met on the credit card ‘application’, namely..."



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I've found this post on another forum so can't verify how accurate it is, but it's basically how the law enforcement should handle Secured Party Creditor, if cops follow all laws and contracts. That's because Secured Party Creditors take control of the ALL-CAPS strawman by recording a lien against it, that's superior to the lien that the corporate government has against the strawman, and which they use as the authority to enforce their corporate Democracy statutes against us.

"I went sailing from Maui with my friend Captain Tom and 18 people yesterday and we were boarded by the US Coast Guard!

They asked Tom for his "Captain's License", "ID", and "Registration". He handed them a certified copy of his filed and recorded UCC-1 (research UCC redemption process or ask me for help), upon which they simply checked to see that we had enough life vests on board, and bid us good-bye...!
Awesome truth! Gotta love it!!!

I, of course seized the opportunity to "plant a couple of seeds"! I asked if the Coast Guard was a corporation, and one of the officers mentioned that he was already aware that the United States is a corporation. I then asked him if he knew that his name was a corporation and "Credit", and he became curious....

Never a dull moment!"

BTW, did you notice that he didn't show his license or State ID? If he did, he'd give them evidence that he's a State subject liable to obey statutes. He showed them the UCC-1, INSTEAD of any ID or license, as an authority and proof of identity.

The conditions of conquest are always easy. We have but to toil awhile, endure awhile, believe always, and never turn back. - Marcus Annaeus Seneca

It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop. -Confucius

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live a life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. - Henry David Thoreau

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    redemption commercial strawman UCC-1 accept for value afv a4v



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