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I have only just noticed Druanna Wails is back on with another sovereignwarriors site.I  took this last one from her, perhaps she wants the name back again,

She is now at check it out,She is far more qualified than myself on this subject.

I did think she was going underground.She suggested it.

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This is me again, Hamish,,,,,,,,,she may well have a look at this site that I am administrating and see whats happeneing with you all, because, as you would know ,I have made this an open site for all to see.A transparancy., may be a better option,,

She though, has always insisted on a secure members only option, however she decides who she wants to register as members,and I believe runs a check on it.May be she would like to comment on this precaution of hers.Information technology is no good if it is corrupted with to much misinformation.This is why I give transparency a go.


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