The Cost of Freedom vs. the Cost of Ignorance

The Cost of Freedom vs. the Cost of Ignorance


Occasionally questions arise from certain individuals about the “cost” of participating in my class to which I reply if you think "Freedom is Free"  you should go sit in on any civil or criminal court for a while.  You will find very quickly IT IS NOT


People are being taken advantage in those courts because THEY ARE NOT FREE.


Anyone who tells you ignorance is bliss, is a fool.  The ignorance that comes from not knowing what to do to free yourselves from the sinister political and governmental control is the opposite of bliss, it is hell, believe me I know firsthand.


My experience is and has been that one either decides to pay the price for knowledge that leads to freedom or he decides to pay the price for ignorance which results in a living hell in SLAVERY.   I submit to you the price for ignorance is much more costly than that of Freedom as illustrated below.


In my life I have personally witnessed great atrocities committed by a “government” whose “laws” were created to perpetrate a deception and thereby trick people (who are completely unaware of what is being done to them) into consenting to them.  It’s one hell of a system that’s for sure.


I personally committed my life to finding the Truth of how this system works.   My journey began 27 years ago with a court appearance for my daughter who was a minor at the time.  I walked out on faith and decided to test material I had learned from Rice McLeod, one of the grandfathers of the movement.  I scared the judge so bad he screamed at the top of his lungs to the bailiffs to have me thrown out of the court room.  Even the officer who escorted me out showed visible signs of fear from the tactics I used.  




During the nearly 3 decades since then I have personally watched as friends of mine have been incarcerated for long stretches of time, a home of my own was taken in foreclosures and other great atrocities were committed by the Powers that Be.


Clearly something is wrong when banks are given a license to loan people “money” which they create from thin air and thus acquire title to their homes literally in exchange for nothing and the “courts” look the other way ignoring this issue altogether.


I think I have always known deep down inside something was wrong with our system, but for the longest I could not put my finger on it.


After hundreds of court appearances I have learned one thing.  One simply has to walk into any courtroom to see it.   There is no semblance of justice or truth in them.


Instead the judges that fill the courtrooms around the Nation are knowingly perpetrating a huge game on the people.  Notice I didn’t use the word “fraud.”  It is not a fraud because the government gave notice in 1933 that we moving into a new era and that things were going to be changing.   Roosevelt called it “The New Deal.”   


Everyone, except for a precious few, whether knowing it or not everyone has been consenting to it since its inception.


Under Roosevelt’s new deal, common law and equity were all but phased out of existence, as was the use of gold (silver was later removed under Nixon’s administration) and most importantly, the courts which are supposed to dispense true and fair “justice” as conceived by the founders of this Nation has also all but vanished.


Again Except for the few who know and are equipped how to avail themselves of it.


Many of you reading this will never have to deal with incarceration or a foreclosure but that does not make you immune to what is happening on the political-governmental stage.   In case you haven’t noticed things are getting worse, not better.


For example, think tanks have been set up by the Powers that Be (PTB’s) to determine for example, how much income and other taxes can be raised before the people will go into revolt. 


My path to freedom has been rife with peaks and valleys along the way to gain this information.  It has come at a great price.   Studying and researching new techniques, ideas, concepts, cases etc. in an effort to get a firm grasp on my Rights and to learn to control the political relations between myself and the monster that is now government is my full time profession and has been for some time.


I realize most cannot do this so I offer the classes as an opportunity for a shortcut to increase your knowledge significantly.    There is an unquestionable value of learning what took me years to acquire and then only after years of diligent study, and actual application in court consisting of over 150 appearances before judges of both a criminal and civil nature.  


This knowledge did not come cheap, at the beginning I routinely got my butt kicked over and over again, including many trips to the county jail.    But I never gave up.   I offer my knowledge at roughly the cost of attending a single weekend seminar. 


So I pose to you what would it cost you to get the knowledge it took me nearly 30 years to gain on your own?  I haven’t sat down and put the pencil to the paper but all the court appearances, research, consultations, seminars I have attended etc. etc.


As I have said before, what I DON’T teach is just as important as what I do teach.   I have seen, heard and studied nearly everything in this movement.  I know those things that lead to somewhere beneficial and those that don’t.  By participating in my classes you can be sure you will only spend time studying things that lead to somewhere beneficial and meaningful.


If someone wants to seriously shorten that journey to Freedom and save themselves a lot of time, effort, energy, resources, research, court appearances and heartache, they should consider becoming a student in my class. 


I submit to you the cost of ignorance is much greater than the cost of Freedom, but in my journey I have met precious few who are committed to take the time and do what is necessary to be Free.


I’ve learned that this is a hobby for most.  Many talk about it, but few are willing to truly commit to getting on and staying on the path seeing it through and doing what it takes to be Free.


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until we meet



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