For too many years the movement has been groping in the dark, believing commercial remedies are our only remedy from government and banking corruption. With the introduction and infusion of equity and trust law now dawning on the horizon, most everyone who is out in front of these teaching realizes that they will bring us “home.”

I realized sometime ago that Commercial law, the UCC and everything associated with them was written solely by BAR licensed attorneys, at the direction of the Banking cartels for the sole purpose of enslaving all mankind. 


If you think your remedy is in commercial law, then its time to wake up and pay attention, we are moving into a new era.   Commercial “remedies” were far and few between, while equity and trust law promises to have all the ingredients that will provide us sound, lasting, permanent relief from the banking “monster” who in concert with the “government” has been plundering the People unchecked for decades.

Most people do not understand the word government.  “Govern” which means to control or limit and “ment” which is short in Latin for “mente” or mind.  With that information you can figure out the purpose of government.

While no one may have ever come out and told millions of Americans who work in the private sector that they are subject to federal income tax, when in fact they are not, they nevertheless pay it regardless.

This of course applies to numerous other things as well, such as traffic issues, criminal and civil as well.  You see, when the government went into a state of emergency in 1933, they devised a way to deceive the people and make them think the SAME republican form of government was resuming its normal functions after the emergency had been  declared.


After the emergency was declared a new form of government emerged and because the people are for the most part unaware of it, the Powers the Be (PTB’s) slowly began the switchover.  Little by little the new de facto form of government began sinking its claws into the people and more importantly its minds. 

First the tax lie began as an inducement to help the war effort.  So doesn’t everyone want to “Pay their Fair Share?” After the war was over the PTB’s began their media campaign to imply that everyone was required to pay it.   They provided full disclosure through the Commissioner of IRS who would always say “Paying federal income taxes is voluntary”, and it’s true.

The tax, I’m told started out as very small portion of one’s pay around 1%-2%.  Over time it grew and grew as practically no one bitched about it.   I was astounded to learn when I was watching a documentary about Muhammad Ali, that he paid 90% federal income tax in his heyday.

Yes, you heard that right 90%!!!

Can you imagine??    

This false (de facto) government is out of control, but the good part is it cannot be in existence without the real (de jure).  There is a Maxim of Law to this effect “Fiction can arise from Law, but Law cannot arise from a fiction.”

We see it everyday though, the corporate forms of government make laws, BUT WHO DO THOSE LAWS APPLY TO?   That is the real question. 

The above Maxim tells you have always been led to believe they apply to you, but they do not.  One look at any service of process shows that in ALL cases, the DEFENDANT and PLAINTIFF will be spelled and styled in all capital letters.  What is that?

A fiction, of course.

The government has become quite adept at deceiving its populace into seeing and believing just what they want them to, and in this case that only one form of government exists, the one they are always holding in front of you.  It’s the old “Kansas city shuffle” and its been used in one form or another for centuries with great results

So, the governments are operating in fictional form (corporate) thus their laws are fictional too (can only be applied to fictions) and likewise do not apply to the people.  But how do I get out of this mess, you might ask.  With guided and careful instruction from someone who knows the system and has significant experience.

Welcome to Neo’s Classes! 

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