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Where and what happened to Jaro, and the rest of the group's members from long back?

Hi everyone,

Just inquiring as to where is Jaro and what happened to this site, as none of the information disseminated is available that most of the prior group members contributed? Thanks in advance for responding and catching up to speed, and getting some topics up and going for review and research and discussion.

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The Cost of Freedom vs. the Cost of Ignorance

The Cost of Freedom vs. the Cost of Ignorance


Occasionally questions arise from certain individuals about the “cost” of participating in my class to which I reply if you think "Freedom is Free"  you should go sit in on any civil or criminal court for a while.  You will find very quickly IT IS NOT


People are being taken advantage in those courts because THEY ARE NOT…


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For too many years the movement has been groping in the dark, believing commercial remedies are our only remedy from government and banking corruption. With the introduction and infusion of equity and trust law now dawning on the horizon, most everyone who is out in front of these teaching realizes that they will bring us “home.”

I realized sometime ago that Commercial law, the UCC and everything associated with them was written solely by BAR licensed attorneys, at the direction of…


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Hi this is Hamish to say network is not yet intiated but will be in due course.

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