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Randy Gaumond replied to James D Farrell's discussion income taxes
"Myrland is NOT in a teachable frame of mind. He has his own pet theories and ideas, and is highly reluctant to even listen to anything other than what he believes to be correct, even when he is shown the matter to be incorrect.
Here is the absolu…"
Oct 5
Randy Gaumond left a comment for Rita Ratcliffe
"  Hey Rita!  Did that scammer Ronald Morris try to get you involved in his bogus 14 million dollar bank account scheme yet?
Jul 29
Randy Gaumond replied to Hamish Robert macPherson's discussion Crypto
"WHY would you want to trade DOWN, by exchanging a nearly without worth fiat paper currency for a totally fictitious electronic one? WHO are you going to turn to when your CRAPto currency disappears or becomes worth nothing at all? Have you ever be…"
Jul 29
Randy Gaumond left a comment for Hamish Robert macPherson
"  Hamish, why are you still allowing Ronald Morris to be a member of this site?  He has CLEARLY shown himself to be a scammer, looking for new suckers to be his victims!!
Jul 29
Randy Gaumond left a comment for Rupert L. Sheodial
"  Rupert, didn;t you see my posting about Ronald Morris being a scammer?  He/she/it only joined this web site to try to find suckers for his schemes!  When he sends you the B.S. request to get involved in that bank account scam, you will be able to…"
Jul 29
Ronald Morris is a scam artist. He just tried to get me involved in some bogus "bank" account scheme with supposedly 14 millions dollars in it. PLEASE delete that name from everything!!
I am deleting that name from my e-mail address book and hav…
What is so important about having a first edition copy of CTC over later ones? Was some vital data left out of it? If so, what is it and why?
Here's the ultimate piece of data that you need to know; as soon as fraud of any amount or kind is disc…
Randy Gaumond replied to April LaJune's discussion Cracking the Code FIRST EDITION!
"Oops! I fired that off before I was done with it! After reading CTC, I had an epiphany, that fraud was in EVERYTHING that I had studied for many, many years. There's no getting around it, everything either has fraud directly connected to it or at…"
Jul 20
Randy Gaumond replied to April LaJune's discussion Cracking the Code FIRST EDITION!
"Hi April!

Have you tried the Library of Congress? How about the various used book sites online or in a local used bookstore, if there are still any of those around?
What is the information that you are seeking? I may know it or perhaps even w…"
Jul 20
Randy Gaumond posted blog posts
Jul 20
Randy Gaumond replied to ROBERT WAYNE CHASSNER's discussion Win Every Time!
"If this is true and correct, then there is no need for any amount of "hope" at all! We do not "hope" that an object will fall back down to the ground if it is not supported or is travelling in an upwards direction.
Since the legal system/Matrix h…"
Jul 19
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Jul 14