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Dave Myrland is on tonight with Angela Stark's "My Private Audio" show on talkshoe, and i also wanted to ask the members what they also thought of Pete Hendrickson's work on the income taxes.  Hendrickson's book is titled "Cracking The Code".  I just got Hendrickson's book and am reading it.  It appears the IRS uses the same "word games" that we find in the legal realm.  Any information and/or experiences with these men, and with the income tax issue is much appreciated.

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  • Myrland is NOT in a teachable frame of mind. He has his own pet theories and ideas, and is highly reluctant to even listen to anything other than what he believes to be correct, even when he is shown the matter to be incorrect.
    Here is the absolute bottom line and truth of ANY matter under the sun, moon and stars. If there is the slightest amount of fraud going on, and you expose said fraud, that right there is your exit point from the legal system/Matrix. This IS the ultimate breaking wide open of the various "codes" that are being operated off of, not just putting a little crack in them. NO man or woman has the right to commit ANY kind of crime against another man or woman, therefore, NO man or woman has an actual obligation to be made a victim of the crimes of another man or woman. The one and only justification for those statements being false, that someone does have a right to commit crimes against another, is if the intended victim is a SLAVE!!! Then it's not a crime at all, just one more action that is being taken.
    We don't need to crack any codes, when we can show through facts and logic, that the code is a criminal conspiracy, and nobody has an obligation to obey criminals! If I am wrong here, please show me some facts and logic which prove that I am wrong in any way!
    Do these fake judges and other Actors, Operators, Agents or Officers of the legal system/Matrix operate with full disclosure 100% of the time? If they do not, then they are acting in a criminal manner and have relinquished 100% of their pretended power and authority over us.
    There is a guy who goes by the name of Dallas and frequents Angela's show as well as Money Mike's show. He spouts off about various things, some of which I call into question because they make no sense at all. He too makes various claims which he cannot back up.
    It has been so long that I have been on this site, I had completely forgot about it! Thanks for the reminder here.

    • belated thanks for the information, and God bless you!
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