I am asking for some advice re purchasing crypto currency.
Coinbase limits my crypto buying £1000.Could anyone offer the advice here, as to buying crypto in larger ammounts, online, through Coinbase and such like

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  • WHY would you want to trade DOWN, by exchanging a nearly without worth fiat paper currency for a totally fictitious electronic one? WHO are you going to turn to when your CRAPto currency disappears or becomes worth nothing at all? Have you ever been to and seen how many of those totally bogus CRAPto currencies there are? Who can possibly regulate the value of anything, when it has no measurable value to it?? What do you do, if all of a sudden over night the CRAPto currency of your choice is no longer accepted by anybody? Or your internet connection suddenly goes down and you can't access it? Oops!
    ONLY the people who do not understand what money really is fall for these kinds of schemes.

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