Cracking the Code FIRST EDITION!

Hi everyone,New here. I am looking for a copy of the FIRST EDITION of Cracking the Code. I have the 3rd Edition but that's not what I need. The FIRST EDITION!Can someone email me if they have it?This elusive book has some certain information I need that the later editions doesn't have.Thanks a lot!April

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  • Hi new here also
    April Love to get a copy too if u find the first edition
  • I have a very extensive library and I am still looking but so far all I found was 3rd edition... I will get back to you...
  • Oops! I fired that off before I was done with it! After reading CTC, I had an epiphany, that fraud was in EVERYTHING that I had studied for many, many years. There's no getting around it, everything either has fraud directly connected to it or at the very least relies upon some kind of fraud to exist. My challenge to many people over the years to prove me wrong on that point has gone unanswered.

    • Hi Randy

      I would love to read the first edition of CTC also if anyone has easy access to it, I have only just heard about this book thanks
  • Hi April!

    Have you tried the Library of Congress? How about the various used book sites online or in a local used bookstore, if there are still any of those around?
    What is the information that you are seeking? I may know it or perhaps even where to find it. I'm pretty sure that I have the first edition of CTC stored on one of my old computer hard drives, I downloaded it many years ago from Scribd as I recall. Let's chat a bit and see what aid I can offer you before I go and dig through those old computers.

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