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Druanna is the financial wizard.To understand what she is saying please listen to her explanation .

At the two above links she will explain the situation re-birth certificate and other things.(1st link).

She does say you can get clean from government debt, as you are a shareholder by virtue of your birth certificate which has your corporation  number on it.By forgiving the debt , as is written into the contract law of the US government,you can remove your obligation to the company, (which is the US government}.

You can get clean from the law also by following the legal requirements of the forensic laws, and obsolve your obligation to government by doing so.But you may be hit by the financial requirements of law.

What money has the government got of yours?The government is a company which is massively in debt and the money you may have with them may not exist, except as goods and services.

You will have to check it out.I,ve heard it said that people are selling up and investing in  other things, gold etc.Crypto currency etc, but big finances will still win this change of money system , in my view.People are trying to get out, they see a collapse happening.The truth is that money is simply a weapon against the people, as is everthing else, and therefore you can know what to expect by observing other actions and laws that are against the people.

It is a forensic law, as are other laws.

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